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Gaudeamus igitur

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I’m graduating on Monday. Have done my corrections, have paid my fees, have booked the restaurant for celebratory dinner…

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  1. Gaudeamus Igitur Translated

    Let us rejoice therefore
    While we are young.
    After a pleasant youth
    After a troubling old age
    The earth will have us.

    Where are [they] who before us
    Were in the world?
    Go to the heavens
    Cross over into hell
    If you wish to see them.

    Our life is brief
    Soon it will end.
    Death comes quickly
    Snatches us cruelly
    It spares no one.

    Long live the academy!
    Long live the professors!
    Long live each student!
    Long live all students!
    May they always be in their prime!

    Long live all girls
    Easy and beautiful!
    Long live mature women also,
    Tender and lovable
    Good [and] productive.

    Long live the state as well
    And he who rules it!
    Long live our city
    [And] the charity of benefactors
    Which protects us here!

    Let sadness perish!
    Let haters perish!
    Let the devil perish!
    Let whoever is anti-student
    As well as the mockers!


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