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Zebra calls

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In case the writing is too small:

1. Lorna: Look, there are zebras on that hill.

Person: I know how to call them. Watch: <clicking sound>

2. Person: See, it’s coming closer.

3. Person: And closer!

4. Lorna: !

Person: Woa! That must have been a mating call!


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  1. Woah, zebra! Shocking stuff 🙂

  2. What would result, d’you think – a stripy human baby (hmm, interesting) or a pink-skinned zebra colt (eeuw)?

    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought that far. If it’s any help, the person doing the zebra calling was a man… and actually the zebra was also a male, so I think the offspring issue isn’t an issue. Whew!

  3. This dream is exciting. I am off to bed to have my own dreams now. Dying to have a funny one so that you can draw it for me …


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