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Happy Birthday Lornaland!

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Indeed! It is one big fat year since the inception of Lornaland.

There have been 157 posts, 270 comments and over 3000 views.

So, which has been your favourite dream? Was it the Stripper Party, because everyone loves a stripper party? Was it the Zombie Apocalypse, because everyone loves a musical? Was it perhaps one of the other zombie dreams, because there seem to be many of those: The Buffy one had zombies, and zombies attacked us at a party.

The guest submissions have been very popular: especially Lesley’s dream (probably because there was nudity) and Mike’s dream.

So let me know in the comments which was your favourite dream, and I hope to see some more guest submissions in Year 2 of Lornaland! Ra!

Awww, and I even got a birthday card from an admirer!

So, thanks for popping in to see what’s happening in Lornaland, and sweet dreams …


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  1. Happy Birthday Lornaland!
    It has been a fun year!

  2. Happy birthday Lornaland.

    My favourite dream was the World of Warcraft addicts’ group. The one where you had an electronic veil.

  3. Happy happy happy birthday Lornaland!

  4. Happy birthday Lornaland!

    My favourite is a tie between Buffy and the Zombie Apocalypse musical. Singing slayers? Wonderful.

  5. Thanks everyone!
    And of course, a big thanks to Mike, Lesley, Bee, David, Kerry, Jen and Lara for guest submissions. Keep ’em coming!

  6. Hippy happy hoppy blog birthday! Looking forward to another year of the fun and fantastical.


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