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Scary snake dream

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This is the sort of cobra I was dreaming about, but MUCH bigger.


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  1. The last image makes me scary,but your drawing is great,it’s funny and easy to follow.

  2. I just found your blog and I already love it. Your illustrations are great! Is it bad that I find this dream kinda cute? I love it how the cobra is all insistent about the biting…

    • Thanks! Glad you like my blog – how did you find it?
      Hmm, I was hoping for more sympathy for me, not the snake! It was HUGE and TERRIFYING!

  3. I saw your comment on Dear Optimists and I thought your avatar was cool. :3
    And you can’t blame me for that, I’ve got an odd fondness for snakes!

  4. i found your blog while searching for meanings for snake bite dreams. i had almost the same snake dream, bite was on my right arm. scary. woke up with the pain on my arm. still recovering. what happened to you after this dream? change in life or relationship? i really would like to know. would be great help for me. thanks. love your blog 🙂

    • Wow – that’s interesting that you had almost the same dream! I’m afraid I can’t really remember what was going on at that time, so I can’t tell you whether it was a portent of something. I have given up trying to interpret my dreams. But I know I dream about snakes a lot. I’m sure they do mean something, because they are often so vivid.

      Thanks for visiting, I hope you figure out what your dream means for you.


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