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How do the cool kids wear their socks these days?

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In this dream, I was back at school – primary school, no less – as an adult. It concerned me more that I was going to fold my socks the uncool way, than that I was back at school!


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  1. Love the red shoes! I remember there was complicated double roll neon sock phase at some point in primary school, never got the hang of it – so I understand your concern.

    • That’s what I was worried about – do you fold them, roll them, or do nothing and let them sit high up your calves? Apparently boys don’t have this problem.

  2. I remember snubbing a girl who wanted to be my friend ‘coz her socks were to high and her dress too long. Do we blame nasty kids or clueless parents? (The poor girl’s dress was over her knees!!)


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