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Ceiling magnets – what fun!

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Heh heh, we stuck my friend’s cat to the ceiling with magnets and it was such fun, that we did the same with her car!


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  1. Ha, I’m the friend with a black cat, so I guess this is me! Ha ha! Or maybe it’s Helga, she has a black cat and is blonde. Ha ha ha!

    • Ah, it was Helga. It was very funny – she just didn’t think to look up!

      • My poor kitty! He doesn’t like being picked up, never mind stuck to the ceiling with magnets. Must be pretty strong magnets to keep him there (never mind the car). Chortle chortle. 🙂

      • Yep, they were pretty strong! No pets were harmed in the dreaming of this dream. 🙂

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