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Hiking in the hills

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A group of us went on a hike. It was a multi-day hike, where we camped every night, so we had a lot to carry and needed to pack light. Except one person on the hike was worried about leaving his computer at home, so brought it with him: monitor, tower, keyboard and all.

It reminds me of .


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  1. That def wasn’t Marcin. He is pretty careless. He sent me a text (texted? odd word) as he was boarding his flight from Seattle to tell me that he had just realised he’d left his camera in the taxi… Bye bye camera. Fortunately, he left his new one with me, so that I could take pics of Marek while he was away, so all is not lost.

  2. I was just going to suggest that must be Marcin, but clearly Cath has now squashed that idea.


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