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I have the most bizarre and crazy dreams, and want to share them with you. They are often too surreal to describe, so maybe you’ll understand them better if I draw them.

Hmm, I see a lot of people visit this page, so I guess you want a little more.

My dreams can be about anything – I often dream about the sea and killer whales. I seem to dream about food a lot, and magic books. And inappropriate things in bottles.

You are welcome to analyse my dreams – good luck with that.

I can’t draw very well, but stick figures seem to do the trick most of the time. And who can’t draw stick figures? Indeed.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa, with my husband who takes beautiful photos. We now have a baby who we are training to draw her own dreams. She’s very cute.

Here’s me:

My hair is not very tidy.

And because I’m obedient, here’s me with painted toes!

Leave a comment, or fill in this form to get hold of me. I do love getting guest submissions – especially if you draw them yourself!

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  1. Lorna, please redraw yourself and add multicoloured nail polish!

  2. Your wish is my command.

  3. i had never any kind of feelings for comics………but i love cartoon network……..but today seeing ur illustration n there is another blog named “dear optimists” i didn’t get any type of funny fellings, these r gud, illustrations r so innocent, i m getting scared of myself, i gotta go should join some frnds n laugh bye šŸ™‚

  4. Hi! I saw you as a guest blogger on the Optimist site. Congratulations!

    I like your stick figures!


  5. Hello šŸ™‚ like the blogger above, I also arrived from
    I very much like your blog concept. It’s awesome~
    Did you know a human on average has 7 dreams a night? Or maybe a human on average remembers 7 dreams a night…. because I swear I have more… but yeah, fun fact (although I can’t recall the source… might have been from a dream~) ;D

    • Wow. That is interesting. I know we have a lot more dreams than we remember, but I didn’t realise it was around 7 a night!
      Thanks for visiting!


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