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Yak is the shaggy-haired ox which living in Alpine zone, the body is black, in Tibet, people domesticate yak and use as a work animal or raise for meat and milk. It’s hide is good material to make leather, bone use as medicinal materials and horn be made with kinds craft works. Now yak is the top-grade of the National protection animal, hunting is forbad.

Yak is the mammal, living at the highest elevation mountain. Be named with “plateau boat”.


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Xeme seem like sea mew, like daytime life, once the polar night coming in south pole, they will fly to the north polar, for at this time, here is day time.

They will lay egg and sitting on Jun each year and fly to south polar on Aug with their children. Reach south polar on December and stay in there till March next year. They need fly more than 40000km each year.

Xeme sometimes live alone, sometimes live together. Find foods along with the coasting.


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Whale is marine mammals. It is not a fish but wild animal in ocean, when the breath in sea will spurt out one big water column. Blue whale is the largest animal in the world, it’s height more than 30m, weight more than 130 tons, only it’s tongue can reach 3 tons, heavier than one largest giraffe.

It is so interesting that it only eat some planktons.


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Vole of various small mice or voles. They normally dig underground passage or in the rock crevices as its nest. It’s unpopular to human, because they always do some activities no matter night or day.

Field mouse is the clever animal, they always have way to make themselves living better, but not be welcome by human. It’s the most terrible animal because it often destroy the agriculture.


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Hedgehog was commonly referred to as urchin, is a small insectivorous mammals, like to eating worm and kinds insects. The back covered with dense, erectile spines and characteristically rolling into a ball for protection.

Once face to the weasel or fox, they will at the end of their wits, for weasel or fox will break wind to it and it have to unroll the funk, at this time, weasel or fox will bite it’s stomach for there spines.

Hedgehog will start hibernation once winter coming.


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Sheep is the lovely gentleness animal, they like to eat grass. It’s hair is very long, some still curl, fat tails. People can get many useful things, such as mutton sheep, raise, milk, wool, sheepskin etc. It has been raised all over the world.


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Rabbit has two long-ears and one short-tailed, excellent at jumping and running. It’s the gentleness animal. People liked the domesticated from long ago and brought many stories with rabbit.

Rabbit has high economic value, it not only offers human with tasty meat but also high-quality coat. It is the story of cartoon stars.


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The quetzale is an aptly named bird that many consider among the world’s most beautiful. These vibrantly colored animals live in the mountainous, tropical forests of Central America where they eat fruit, insects, lizards, and other small creatures.

Resplendent quetzals are also known as Guatemalan quetzals, and the birds are the symbol of that nation. Be deemed with state-bird in 1872.

Unfortunately, these striking birds are threatened in Guatemala and elsewhere throughout their range. They are sometimes trapped for captivity or killed, but their primary threat is the disappearance of their tropical forest homes. It is the World-class protected animals.


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Penguin has a fat body, black back and white abdomen. Most of them living in south-pole, their original name is fat-bird, for they always stand at bank and overlook, so we named them penguin, same as ostrich, it is bird but cannot fly.

The thickness of their fat could reach 2-3 cm, also body cover with feather, so they can living free even 60 degrees below zero.

Penguin is the most popular animal.


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Owl distribute all over the world except the North Pole. It’s hearing was very sensitive, can find the target with hearing in dark-night.

The owl feathers very soft, velvety dense plumage on wings and feathers when flying in a low voice, and for their prey is silent, even these advantages make it in all aspects of life and also adapt to become an effective hunters at night.

Most owl eat mouse, is the importance beneficial bird.