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Uncle’s baby

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uncle baby dream

My uncle gave birth to a baby girl. We were all more excited about the baby and alarmed by the fact that he was in his sixties, rather than the fact that he, a man, had just carried and given birth to a baby.

The baby girl’s name was Knight Max, after my uncle’s favourite computer game character.

Baby names

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baby names

I went to visit a friend and meet her twin baby girls. I was a little surprised at their names.


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award 1

My friend and I (who both have toddlers) found out that we’d won some prestigious award.

award 2

Before babies, our priorities may have been about what to wear, what to say in our acceptance speeches, who else we’d see there, etc etc. Not any more.


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Tiger is king of forest. Almost all animal fear it, like free activities. They can not climb tree but can swimming, the strip in it’s body can help him hide in brushwood and not be easy found.

Unfortunately, the quantity of tiger become less and less for the disappearance of forest homes. We should protect the environment for the tigers.

Forgetful mom

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Daughter name

Daughter name2

This was all rather worrying, but luckily I remembered her name (not Mick) when I woke up. So all was right with the world again.

Baby toys!

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jar of teeth 1

jar of teeth 2

FYI, drawing teeth is like drawing pants.

Hiding baby

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hiding baby

Our baby suddenly started crawling, without any warning, so she’d just disappear. We kept losing her.

hiding baby 2

And finding her in strange places… like the washing machine…

hiding baby 3

… and the kitchen sink.

She seemed to go for cleanliness, which is good, I suppose.