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A very embarrassing dream

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trump affair

I feel I need to preface this dream with some sort of disclaimer. Partly as a disclaimer, and partly so that the first line or so that shows up in the Facebook preview does not embarrass me. You have to come here to embarrass me.

So, last night I dreamt I was having an affair with… wait for it… Donald Trump. IT WAS NOT A SEX DREAM!! He landed his huge big helicopter in my town, and invited me in, but said he was too busy campaigning to socialise, so I could just take a nap inside his helicopter.

trump affair 2

So it was actually a lovely dream, because I got to nap on this giant bed, with nobody disturbing me. I was planning to break up with him when he finished campaigning and did have time to socialise, but for now, the naps were goooood. And his helicopter was called the T-rump.

Meeting the Queen

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meeting the queen

I was at this function where we got to meet the queen. It was outdoors, in a parking lot. The queen was sitting there, and one by one, we were introduced by an official introducer. I don’t know who the other people being introduced were.

meeting the queen2

The introducer would introduce us by name, and then list what our families had provided “during the war”. I had no idea my family had done any providing during any war, but I guess the introducer had access to better archives than I do.


meeting the queen3


Then we were given a chance to say a few extra words of introduction.

meeting the queen4

And in the dream, I had two daughters, and I couldn’t remember the other one’s name. Michael was in the audience shouting suggestions, like Arabella, Annabel, Trudie etc, and I knew none of them were right. The introducer was frantically looking through her notes and shouting suggestions like Trinket, Pixie, Mulberry etc, and I knew none of them were right either. It was all rather distressing.

meeting the queen5

And not very amusing.


Silly hotel

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I was staying in a hotel, because I was working on location on a movie (that movie Se7en, with Brad Pitt and Kevin Spacey). For some reason, my bed was in the reception of the hotel.

I woke up to a waiter staring at me, and the minute my eyes started fluttering open, he asked me what I wanted to drink with my breakfast.

I slept in my car after that.

Ellen at the airport

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Ellen at the airport 1

George and I were at the airport, waiting in the departure lounge with a whole lot of other travellers.

Suddenly, an announcement was made:
Ellen at the airport 2

We were so excited to see Ellen.

Ellen at the airport 3

But it seems like we were the only excited ones. Ellen was dressed in a weird rubber glove hat (a la the penguin in Wallace and Gromit) and a furry green suit. She was excited to be in South Africa and to meet South Africans.

ellen at the airport 4

But was very disappointed and sad to not get the reception she was expecting. (Other than from George and me.) Sorry, Ellen. 😦

Nathan Fillion at the hairdresser

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hair dresser nathan fillion

I bumped into Nathan Fillion (actor: Firefly, Buffy, other stuff) at the hairdresser, and while he was admiring himself and his new hairstyle, I warned him against complaining about it. I did threaten him with some vile and terrible injury, but unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what that was. I take my hairdresser’s reputation seriously.

Justin Bieber and me

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I bumped into Justin Bieber in some fancy hotel in Cape Town.

Luckily, I have morals and stuff, and fame doesn’t impress me.
Neither does money.

But the man knows how to impress the ladies, and it turns out that even I have my price.

I woke up from this dream thinking “but I’m twice his age!!”

Conference fun

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It was very exciting and rather surprising to have Iggy Pop as the guest speaker at our lexicography* conference.

And he didn’t have much to contribute, but hey.

*lexicography: [mass noun] the activity or occupation of compiling dictionaries.

Celebrity busking in the airport, whatever next?

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The thing that stuck with me the most with this dream – obviously more than who the actual celebrity was – was that he was wearing three shirts!

Jolie-Pitt wedding

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In real life, I read that Brad and Angelina are starting to think of, maybe, possibly, perhaps getting married.
In this dream, they were filming a new movie in my mom’s coffee shop.

In real life, we might be planning a trip to Namibia next year.

In this dream, their perhaps wedding was going to be in Namibia.

So I took it upon myself to offer my services…

Guest submission: Leanne’s dream

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This is from Leanne’s email to Cath:
“I dreamt you and I were at the Kings of Leon concert and you wandered off…

When I found you, you were in the medic tent and had suddenly had twins (boys) and then a mystery 3rd baby (also a boy) an hour later… And this was in the midst of standing room at the concert…

Was so very surreal. Oh and then if that wasn’t weird enough. Off to one side of the stage people were fishing. 2 girls caught a giant rock cod (400Kg) on an itsy-bitsy fishing rod.”

Photo of Kings of Leon in concert by FromtheNorth (because I didn’t go to the concert, so wouldn’t know how to draw it).