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Bat dream

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bat dream 1


This is complicated, so bear with me.

In my dream, I was dreaming about these bats with husky voices. They couldn’t squeak, so their echolocation wasn’t working. I sprayed helium at them and it gave them their squeaks back, and all was well.

bat dream 2

When I woke up (in my dream), at 3 a.m. I wondered if that would really work, and felt I needed to find this out right now.

bat dream 3

So I found an emergency vet and asked him. He was a bit puzzled. Unfortunately, I don’t remember if he told me that giving helium to gruff bats would work.

bat dream 4

But then I figured I didn’t want to waste his time, so I came up with another vet question. I had all sorts of reasons for not wanting normal pets, and all sorts of reasons for not wanting any of the pets he suggested.

Until he came up with caterpillar mole. Apparently they are very cuddly, not much work, they don’t make a noise or a mess, and they just eat grass. Perfect!


A dream within a dream (Let’s get meta!)

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dream within a dream

I had a dream about a rope swing in a park, and I told someone else there (a baddie in a trench coat) about another dream I’d had about the rope swing in the park. (I really did have another dream about the swing in the same park a little while ago.)

Too much gaming

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I have been playing lots of computer games recently – too many, I think, if my dreams feature a health bar above each character’s head. (Health bar = that stripe that is green when you are healthy and gets more and more red as you take more and more hits, and eventually die.)


A dream within a dream

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I dreamt that a friend’s 14 month old baby drew a dream for me.

Which reminds me – any guest submissions? I’m sure we’re overdue for a guest submission! I love it the most when you draw your dreams, but if you send me a description of a dream that is bizarre and worth being drawn, then I will try to draw it.