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Uncle’s baby

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uncle baby dream

My uncle gave birth to a baby girl. We were all more excited about the baby and alarmed by the fact that he was in his sixties, rather than the fact that he, a man, had just carried and given birth to a baby.

The baby girl’s name was Knight Max, after my uncle’s favourite computer game character.


What not to do to a pregnant friend

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Pregnant party

My friend (Hi Bee!) was about to give birth, and was showing me everything that she had ready for the hospital.

Then she had a nap.

pregnant 2

And I ate everything.

Scary surgery

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We were puzzled when my OB/GYN’s husband followed her into surgery… and was then given instructions on performing a caesar…

… and then it became clear why he was there. Oh dear.

Sarcasm class

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I’m sure I signed up for something serious, like feminist literature or something, but I ended up in Sarcasm class.

Not sure why I signed up for anything in my 9th month of pregnancy, but anyway.

Serious marathon running

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At 8 months pregnant, I was running the Two Oceans.

Along the way, I bumped into Michaela and Liz, who were also running. (They were both doing the Ultra.)

They asked which distance I was doing, and I didn’t know, because I’d been fast asleep while running for the last five hours! I figured I must have been doing the Ultra (56 km) because the cut-off time for the half marathon is three hours.
(Realistically, 8 months pregnant or not, I don’t think it would take me less than five hours to run a half marathon. )

Strange pregnancy

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My friend was pregnant, and at her 20 week scan, it was discovered that she had an 8 week old foetus as well. It turns out that she got pregnant again, while she was pregnant. And it turns out that this is a rare, but possible thing. Just Google double pregnancy or superfetation. I did not know that.

An egg

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I was a little bit pregnant – as in nowhere near ready to give birth – when I gave birth to an egg – about the size of an ostrich egg. The egg hatched and out popped a little homunculus with very long hairy legs, wearing a tartan beret and a sack.