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Uncle’s baby

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uncle baby dream

My uncle gave birth to a baby girl. We were all more excited about the baby and alarmed by the fact that he was in his sixties, rather than the fact that he, a man, had just carried and given birth to a baby.

The baby girl’s name was Knight Max, after my uncle’s favourite computer game character.

What not to do to a pregnant friend

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Pregnant party

My friend (Hi Bee!) was about to give birth, and was showing me everything that she had ready for the hospital.

Then she had a nap.

pregnant 2

And I ate everything.

Scary surgery

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We were puzzled when my OB/GYN’s husband followed her into surgery… and was then given instructions on performing a caesar…

… and then it became clear why he was there. Oh dear.

Sarcasm class

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I’m sure I signed up for something serious, like feminist literature or something, but I ended up in Sarcasm class.

Not sure why I signed up for anything in my 9th month of pregnancy, but anyway.

Serious marathon running

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At 8 months pregnant, I was running the Two Oceans.

Along the way, I bumped into Michaela and Liz, who were also running. (They were both doing the Ultra.)

They asked which distance I was doing, and I didn’t know, because I’d been fast asleep while running for the last five hours! I figured I must have been doing the Ultra (56 km) because the cut-off time for the half marathon is three hours.
(Realistically, 8 months pregnant or not, I don’t think it would take me less than five hours to run a half marathon. )

Strange pregnancy

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My friend was pregnant, and at her 20 week scan, it was discovered that she had an 8 week old foetus as well. It turns out that she got pregnant again, while she was pregnant. And it turns out that this is a rare, but possible thing. Just Google double pregnancy or superfetation. I did not know that.

An egg

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I was a little bit pregnant – as in nowhere near ready to give birth – when I gave birth to an egg – about the size of an ostrich egg. The egg hatched and out popped a little homunculus with very long hairy legs, wearing a tartan beret and a sack.

It’s a …

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My friend was pregnant, and went for an ultrasound. Instead of getting a blurry picture of a baby, she got a map of where her life was going now… pretty deep.

Reminded me of a cartoon I saw LOOOONG ago – the joys of stick figures!

Guest submission: Leanne’s dream

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This is from Leanne’s email to Cath:
“I dreamt you and I were at the Kings of Leon concert and you wandered off…

When I found you, you were in the medic tent and had suddenly had twins (boys) and then a mystery 3rd baby (also a boy) an hour later… And this was in the midst of standing room at the concert…

Was so very surreal. Oh and then if that wasn’t weird enough. Off to one side of the stage people were fishing. 2 girls caught a giant rock cod (400Kg) on an itsy-bitsy fishing rod.”

Photo of Kings of Leon in concert by FromtheNorth (because I didn’t go to the concert, so wouldn’t know how to draw it).

Pregnant twins

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