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TV for babies

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baby porn

The study I read before having this dream said that babies up to about 9 months will be more amused and entertained by people’s faces than anything else. Porn does show lots of people indeed.

Guest submission: Leanne’s dream

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This is from Leanne’s email to Cath:
“I dreamt you and I were at the Kings of Leon concert and you wandered off…

When I found you, you were in the medic tent and had suddenly had twins (boys) and then a mystery 3rd baby (also a boy) an hour later… And this was in the midst of standing room at the concert…

Was so very surreal. Oh and then if that wasn’t weird enough. Off to one side of the stage people were fishing. 2 girls caught a giant rock cod (400Kg) on an itsy-bitsy fishing rod.”

Photo of Kings of Leon in concert by FromtheNorth (because I didn’t go to the concert, so wouldn’t know how to draw it).

Baby care

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So. I was helping out at a baby care place, where all the babies were fast asleep in a trough. I knew they’d need their nappies changed when they woke up, but alas, the nappy box was empty.

My solution was to hose them down. They seemed to enjoy it, but I was in trouble afterwards for leaving the place in such a mess!