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Meeting the Queen

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meeting the queen

I was at this function where we got to meet the queen. It was outdoors, in a parking lot. The queen was sitting there, and one by one, we were introduced by an official introducer. I don’t know who the other people being introduced were.

meeting the queen2

The introducer would introduce us by name, and then list what our families had provided “during the war”. I had no idea my family had done any providing during any war, but I guess the introducer had access to better archives than I do.


meeting the queen3


Then we were given a chance to say a few extra words of introduction.

meeting the queen4

And in the dream, I had two daughters, and I couldn’t remember the other one’s name. Michael was in the audience shouting suggestions, like Arabella, Annabel, Trudie etc, and I knew none of them were right. The introducer was frantically looking through her notes and shouting suggestions like Trinket, Pixie, Mulberry etc, and I knew none of them were right either. It was all rather distressing.

meeting the queen5

And not very amusing.


Baby names

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baby names

I went to visit a friend and meet her twin baby girls. I was a little surprised at their names.

A baby-naming prank

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baby name

I was admiring a friend’s new baby with another friend of theirs. He mentioned that he’d done this favour for them, and I didn’t think much of it. Until he explained his little prank.

baby name 2

The family was into flower names, so Petunia was the name they’d chosen. I don’t think they be impressed to find out that little Petunia was actually Sasha!