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Uncle’s baby

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uncle baby dream

My uncle gave birth to a baby girl. We were all more excited about the baby and alarmed by the fact that he was in his sixties, rather than the fact that he, a man, had just carried and given birth to a baby.

The baby girl’s name was Knight Max, after my uncle’s favourite computer game character.

Baby names

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baby names

I went to visit a friend and meet her twin baby girls. I was a little surprised at their names.

Forgetful mom

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Daughter name

Daughter name2

This was all rather worrying, but luckily I remembered her name (not Mick) when I woke up. So all was right with the world again.

Baby toys!

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jar of teeth 1

jar of teeth 2

FYI, drawing teeth is like drawing pants.

Hiding baby

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hiding baby

Our baby suddenly started crawling, without any warning, so she’d just disappear. We kept losing her.

hiding baby 2

And finding her in strange places… like the washing machine…

hiding baby 3

… and the kitchen sink.

She seemed to go for cleanliness, which is good, I suppose.

It’s the apocalypse!

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It was the apocalypse (an apocalypse? the apocalypse?) and I was running away from the burning buildings and bombs and general carnage. All I was saving was my baby and my dictionary.

A baby-naming prank

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baby name

I was admiring a friend’s new baby with another friend of theirs. He mentioned that he’d done this favour for them, and I didn’t think much of it. Until he explained his little prank.

baby name 2

The family was into flower names, so Petunia was the name they’d chosen. I don’t think they be impressed to find out that little Petunia was actually Sasha!

Too many computer games

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computer games

I’ve been playing a computer game where my little robots on the right have to prevent the baddies on the left from getting through our barrier. It seems I’ve been playing a bit too much, as I dreamt about the game, except that my robots also needed to protect my baby! Uh oh… and this was a level I’d never actually managed to win. DOOOOOOM!

(At least I wasn’t dreaming about Plants vs Zombies again…


New house

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house stuff

We were about to move into our new house, when we found some stuff the previous owners had left behind. Mostly fancy dress costumes. Which wasn’t really a problem.

house dog

house baby

TV for babies

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baby porn

The study I read before having this dream said that babies up to about 9 months will be more amused and entertained by people’s faces than anything else. Porn does show lots of people indeed.