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A birthday surprise

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birthday dream

It was my birthday and I was minding my own business,when Michael came into the room with an announcement. He was unbuttoning his shirt…

birthday dream 2

… suspense…

birthday dream 3

He took off his shirt to reveal a full back tattoo.

birthday dream 4

They are not. Palm trees are not my thing. They never have been my thing.

Tattoos are not really my thing either. Especially giant tattoos on someone else’s back for my birthday. Oh my.

Happy Anniversary Lornaland!

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Indeed. It is two big fat years since the inception of Lornaland!

There have been 300 posts, 569 comments and 8527 views! Yoh!

Keep following, send guest submissions, and sweet dreams!

Birthday treats

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For my birthday I got a fancy schmancy drawing tablet with stylus, so from now on, my dreams should have a slightly more streamlined feel to them. They will still be the same scribbles, I just won’t have to draw and scan and fiddle – now I’ll just be able to draw! BUT I need a bit  lot of practice…
I also got a tiara!