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Uncle’s baby

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uncle baby dream

My uncle gave birth to a baby girl. We were all more excited about the baby and alarmed by the fact that he was in his sixties, rather than the fact that he, a man, had just carried and given birth to a baby.

The baby girl’s name was Knight Max, after my uncle’s favourite computer game character.

Too many computer games

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computer games

I’ve been playing a computer game where my little robots on the right have to prevent the baddies on the left from getting through our barrier. It seems I’ve been playing a bit too much, as I dreamt about the game, except that my robots also needed to protect my baby! Uh oh… and this was a level I’d never actually managed to win. DOOOOOOM!

(At least I wasn’t dreaming about Plants vs Zombies again…


Too much gaming

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I have been playing lots of computer games recently – too many, I think, if my dreams feature a health bar above each character’s head. (Health bar = that stripe that is green when you are healthy and gets more and more red as you take more and more hits, and eventually die.)