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Found: large dog

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theo the dog

I found a dog in our garden, so put up posters in the neighbourhood. I knew his name was Theo, because he had a collar with a name tag.

New house

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house stuff

We were about to move into our new house, when we found some stuff the previous owners had left behind. Mostly fancy dress costumes. Which wasn’t really a problem.

house dog

house baby

Another talking dog??

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I was house sitting for a friend, and feeding her dogs and watering her plants. She didn’t mention either that her one dog didn’t like dog food, or that it could talk.

Here is the previous talking dog:


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I was watching this dog do all sorts of crazy things, and then he came to chat to me.

And apparently my chatting wasn’t up to his standards.

But the extra funny thing about this dream, is that the same night, Mike also dreamt about a talking dog! But his was a colleague who’d turned into a dog.