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Too much gaming

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I have been playing lots of computer games recently – too many, I think, if my dreams feature a health bar above each character’s head. (Health bar = that stripe that is green when you are healthy and gets more and more red as you take more and more hits, and eventually die.)


Making a quick sale

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She was selling jewellery in the bush – very pretty silver bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The wildlife gave added incentive to her buyers to make quick decisions.

Hiking in the hills

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A group of us went on a hike. It was a multi-day hike, where we camped every night, so we had a lot to carry and needed to pack light. Except one person on the hike was worried about leaving his computer at home, so brought it with him: monitor, tower, keyboard and all.

It reminds me of .

Ceiling magnets – what fun!

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Heh heh, we stuck my friend’s cat to the ceiling with magnets and it was such fun, that we did the same with her car!


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I was watching this dog do all sorts of crazy things, and then he came to chat to me.

And apparently my chatting wasn’t up to his standards.

But the extra funny thing about this dream, is that the same night, Mike also dreamt about a talking dog! But his was a colleague who’d turned into a dog.

Matching caps

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Luckily, I can lip read.

What’s cooking?

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I was driving somewhere and got lost and ended up at this five-star hotel on the coast. It was all glass and beautiful, and had a very fancy restaurant overlooking the sea.

I was amazed that I could see into the sea, but was horrified to see a whale shark swimming around without a head. I asked the waiter about it, and he said that they serve whale shark in the restaurant, but just cut bits off as they need them.

Hiding in the mud

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I was visiting a plant nursery and some baddies were after me. I don’t know why they were after me, but I knew I had to hide, so I started covering myself with mud…

… and hid rather effectively.

It’s a …

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My friend was pregnant, and went for an ultrasound. Instead of getting a blurry picture of a baby, she got a map of where her life was going now… pretty deep.

Reminded me of a cartoon I saw LOOOONG ago – the joys of stick figures!

Guest submission: Mike’s dream

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Mike’s dream: Victorian frock coat, shotgun, pipe and logic – what more could you want from a dream?