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Guacamole, anyone?

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Guac dream 1

Somehow, I was hired help for a big party.

Guac dream 2

Guac dream 3

Perhaps, under some circumstances, a bin would be an excellent container to store vast quantities of guacamole for a party.

Guac dream 4

But not these circumstances.


What not to do to a pregnant friend

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Pregnant party

My friend (Hi Bee!) was about to give birth, and was showing me everything that she had ready for the hospital.

Then she had a nap.

pregnant 2

And I ate everything.

Chomp chomp chomp

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We were having a braai (barbecue/cookout) and Mike put a huge rack of ribs on the table.

braai 2

Before he finished telling us they were starters for all of us to share, I’d eaten the whole lot. Oops. Yum!

Vegetarian eating out

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It seems that anything is vegetarian as long as it’s curry!