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Room with a view

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A friend was showing me her new house, on a hill with big picture windows.


While we were admiring the view, we saw an amazing sight:


But then it got weird….




New house

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house stuff

We were about to move into our new house, when we found some stuff the previous owners had left behind. Mostly fancy dress costumes. Which wasn’t really a problem.

house dog

house baby

A new house (Part 1)

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Mike and I had just bought a house and were taking over keys and stuff from the previous owners…

We were very excited until their parting advice…

It got messy after that, but you’ll have to wait until next week, I’m afraid.

Safe as tree houses

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My friend lived with his family in tree houses. So when he and his wife had a baby, they needed to take extra safety precautions.

Guest submission: Nadia’s dream

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“Why would my family even want me to do this?!”

Dreamed and drawn by Nadia at the fantastic Dear Optimists.