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Found: large dog

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theo the dog

I found a dog in our garden, so put up posters in the neighbourhood. I knew his name was Theo, because he had a collar with a name tag.

Hiding baby

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hiding baby

Our baby suddenly started crawling, without any warning, so she’d just disappear. We kept losing her.

hiding baby 2

And finding her in strange places… like the washing machine…

hiding baby 3

… and the kitchen sink.

She seemed to go for cleanliness, which is good, I suppose.

A sad dream about a puppy

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Michael and I had a puppy, and we were playing happily with it at a park outside a sports stadium.

Suddenly, there were lots of people milling around and leaving the stadium, and the puppy got lost. We tried to find it, walking all around and calling it.

We couldn’t find the puppy. The dream ended, and I had another dream, or another couple of dreams, and then I dreamt this:

It was all so sad.

What’s cooking?

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I was driving somewhere and got lost and ended up at this five-star hotel on the coast. It was all glass and beautiful, and had a very fancy restaurant overlooking the sea.

I was amazed that I could see into the sea, but was horrified to see a whale shark swimming around without a head. I asked the waiter about it, and he said that they serve whale shark in the restaurant, but just cut bits off as they need them.

Where’s my office?

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Eventually I gave up and went home.