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Guest submission: Laura’s dream

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and a movie

Laura says: “I dreamt that Hitler wanted to come round for dinner and a movie and we hired Schindler’s List!”

Jolie-Pitt wedding

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In real life, I read that Brad and Angelina are starting to think of, maybe, possibly, perhaps getting married.
In this dream, they were filming a new movie in my mom’s coffee shop.

In real life, we might be planning a trip to Namibia next year.

In this dream, their perhaps wedding was going to be in Namibia.

So I took it upon myself to offer my services…

New Batman movie!

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All well and good to have a new Batman and Robin movie, but do you know who Eddie Izzard is? Probably not the obvious Batman. And this movie also had two (male) actors as Batman and Robin’s wives. Can’t remember who they were though.