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Guest submission: Tessa’s dream

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Tessa: I had a dream about a cow.

Me: What did the cow do?

Tessa: It said Moo. And walked across the park.

(Tessa is two.)


George’s mountain bike race

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george mtb race

I was at a mountain bike event with George and Anneke. (Some background: Anneke is the only one of us who can legitimately be at mountain bike events. She is a bike racer. George and I are certainly not. At all.) So George wanted to be in the next race, but needed a bike. So he borrowed mine.


george mtb 2

My bike is kitted out for pootering around the park with a baby on the back. The gears are so rusted that they don’t work. But George didn’t seem to mind and off he went…


george mtb 3


… down the steepest hill in the history of the ever. Never to be seen again.

Stripper races

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Stripper races

We were walking past the park and saw these two bored fellows.


Stripper races2

Sounds interesting…

stripper races3

And they’re off!

stripper races4

stripper races5

A close finish. It turns out that stripper races are complicated: you have to win the race WHILE taking your clothes off and if you win but still have clothes on, you haven’t won.

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching and competing in stripper races. A jolly time was had by all.

A dream within a dream (Let’s get meta!)

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dream within a dream

I had a dream about a rope swing in a park, and I told someone else there (a baddie in a trench coat) about another dream I’d had about the rope swing in the park. (I really did have another dream about the swing in the same park a little while ago.)