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Guacamole, anyone?

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Guac dream 1

Somehow, I was hired help for a big party.

Guac dream 2

Guac dream 3

Perhaps, under some circumstances, a bin would be an excellent container to store vast quantities of guacamole for a party.

Guac dream 4

But not these circumstances.

Womping starfish

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womping starfish 1

womping starfish 2

I still don’t know what happens at a womping starfish party, even though I now know what a womping starfish is.

Fancy dress party

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1 Fancy dress 1

I would love to go to a fancy dress party where this is what people come up with!


1 Fancy dress 2

And, I’d love to have a small and magnetic friend. Also, how does his magnetism help him stick to her head?

Another space dream!

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Strange to be invited to a party where we had to dress up as space ships, when I’d just been in a space ship dressed as a rock!