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Drama in the police station, or, Grammar nerds save the day!

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This dream took place in a police station.

A heavily-armed baddie came in and held the police officers on the second floor hostage.

While this was happening, the officers (including me) on the third floor were trying to figure out what to do.

Then, we heard a notification and saw that an email had arrived.

Relief! But no… luckily I recognised that Michael (a second-floor officer), who would have written the email, had left hints in the message that all was not as it seemed. He would never have put a full stop after “All clear”. He would NEVER have spelt “there” wrong. The hostage taker had obviously dictated the message, in the hopes that we’d come down for cake, and get taken hostage too. But Michael and I were able to communicate with grammatically incorrect messages and make a plan to thwart the hostage taker. Woo!