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Hock for pudding

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hock dream 1

I was somewhere, with someone, and we were eating a meal at a canteen. They had an interesting special for pudding. I couldn’t imagine eating a hock, especially for pudding.

(I looked it up, a hock is indeed “the joint in a quadruped’s hind leg between the knee and the fetlock, the angle of which points backwards” or “a knuckle of meat, especially of pork or ham”.)

hock dream 2

The chef came out and was quite persuasive.

hock dream 3

So I ordered one, to see what it was like.

hock dream 4

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but when it arrived, it was not what I expected.

hock dream 5

This is what a jolly jelly hock is. All set in a slightly sweet gelatin.

Guest submission: Rikus’s dream

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“A snippet of a larger dream sequence featured me sitting on my haunches by a fire, tearing into a porkball (one word). It consisted of all the juiciest, tastiest cuts from a deboned pig wrapped into a huge ball (60 cm in diameter) padded with lots of fat. The fat became crackling. Mmm… crackling. The porkball was roasted on open fire until awesome and consumed straightaway, still sizzling and dripping fat.
I’m still haunted by the loss of waking up in a world without porkball.”

As I am after reading about this epic porkball. Yum!

Huge apologies for being so quiet on the dreams front… we’ve just moved, and various parts of the dream drawing arsenal are still packed. But as a reward for being so patient, you get a dream about a porkball.