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A baby-naming prank

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baby name

I was admiring a friend’s new baby with another friend of theirs. He mentioned that he’d done this favour for them, and I didn’t think much of it. Until he explained his little prank.

baby name 2

The family was into flower names, so Petunia was the name they’d chosen. I don’t think they be impressed to find out that little Petunia was actually Sasha!

Shopping list shenanigans

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toilet paper

My friends were puzzled by how much toilet paper they were buying/owning.

toilet paper 2

But if they’d looked more carefully at their shopping lists, they would have seen that toilet paper was written in someone else’s handwriting… snigger.

toilet paper 3

Funniest prank in the world

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I was visiting a friend in a faraway land, and we found this piece of paper with a crude drawing in her office. She recognised it immediately, as the funniest / cruellest prank ever. I don’t think I really get it.

Apparently, you draw a picture of yourself rubbing your bum on someone’s door and leave it on their desk. They will be stuck wondering whether you really did rub your bum on their door. Will have to try this and see if it really is as hilarious as it’s meant to be.