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What’s cooking?

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I was driving somewhere and got lost and ended up at this five-star hotel on the coast. It was all glass and beautiful, and had a very fancy restaurant overlooking the sea.

I was amazed that I could see into the sea, but was horrified to see a whale shark swimming around without a head. I asked the waiter about it, and he said that they serve whale shark in the restaurant, but just cut bits off as they need them.

The great sushi con

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I had ordered sushi at a fancy restaurant at the top of an ugly grey building.

But instead of sushi, I got a can of soggy, mushy vegetables. I tried to complain.

Hairdressing party

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I was very grumpy, because my friend (in the curlers) and I had agreed to meet for dinner and a catch-up. There was a rowdy party in the restaurant next door, and people would come from there to have their hair done by my friend. Not sure why. Also not sure how she ended up having her hair done too. Harumph.