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Mosquito terror

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mosquito 1

So there I was, fast asleep, in real life and this dream.

mosquito 2

Until a mosquito woke me up! (This happened in real life.)

mosquito 3

I spent hours hunting the damn thing, only to hear another one in the room, and another, and another, and another. (Pretty sure this was real life, but may have been exaggerated by dream.)

mosquito 4

Eventually, I decided they were coming in through the crack under the bedroom door, so decided to go at them with a baseball bat as they entered. (Dream.)


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Mike and I had gone to the US to surprise some friends. When we found that they weren’t at home, instead of waiting for them, we climbed into their bed and went to sleep. When they found us in their bed, instead of waking us up, they curled up and went to sleep too.