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A Christmas surprise

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Christmas dream 1

‘Twas the night before Christmas and we were wrapping presents for the children. We’d almost finished, just one left that Michael had bought. Please note that Luke is two years old…

Christmas dream 2

This is the present Michael bought for Luke.

Christmas dream

But it’s okay, because we didn’t need to wrap it??

Luke’s real Christmas present, in case you’re worried, was a toy digger. It made him much happier than a snake would have. Snails, on the other hand…

How to catch a snake

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Snake dream 1

I was camping/hiking/hanging out with some people on some sand dunes, and there were loads of snakes in the vegetation. It was very scary, because nobody knew which of the snakes were dangerous, and there were children around.

Snake dream 2

Then along came this man who was going to solve our snake problem by showing us how to catch them.

Snake dream 3

But his advice sounded a little fishy…

Snake dream 4

Okay, a lot fishy.

Snake dream 5

I seem to be having lots of instructional dreams at the moment. Please don’t try this one at home. Or anywhere, really.

Making a quick sale

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She was selling jewellery in the bush – very pretty silver bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The wildlife gave added incentive to her buyers to make quick decisions.

Scary snake dream

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This is the sort of cobra I was dreaming about, but MUCH bigger.

More snakes!

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The weird thing about this dream was that I kept waking up during it, with a really sore head.

It’s an asp!

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The reason I thought this was an asp was that I was watching Shakespeare and his plays seem to feature asps more than other snakes.