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A birthday surprise

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birthday dream

It was my birthday and I was minding my own business,when Michael came into the room with an announcement. He was unbuttoning his shirt…

birthday dream 2

… suspense…

birthday dream 3

He took off his shirt to reveal a full back tattoo.

birthday dream 4

They are not. Palm trees are not my thing. They never have been my thing.

Tattoos are not really my thing either. Especially giant tattoos on someone else’s back for my birthday. Oh my.

Tattoo time

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I’ve never really wanted a tattoo, so this was an impulse decision brought on by stress, I suspect.

So for a person not really wanting a tattoo, a badly drawn face tattoo is probably the worst one to get.

There’s a tattoo convention coming to Cape Town this month. I wonder if I should go?

Illegal dealings in town

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I was taken to this building in town that had a pool bar upstairs (at street level) and then an illegal tattoo and pizza parlour downstairs. I don’t know why it was illegal, but they’d installed fake people in the pool bar as a cover.