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How to eat cheaply for a year

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1 TV dream

So there I was, watching mindless TV, when this piqued my interest. I don’t know if it was reality TV or what, but I was interested.


This couple on TV had JUST got married but wanted to interrupt the festivities to teach us how we too could eat cheaply for a year.


Curiouser and curiouser.


Ooh. Ah. So this couple made a year’s worth of sandwiches from a whole lamb, and other bits and bobs. They’d prepare their sandwiches and freeze them. And eat the same sandwich EVERY NIGHT FOR A YEAR.

Hair care

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shampoo 1

So this shampoo advert had some interesting advice about a super quick hair washing solution.

shampoo 2

And then I had a friend with a hair crisis that needed a super quick hair washing solution.

shampoo 3

It didn’t work as well as the advert suggested. It worked as well as you could imagine sticking your head in a flushing toilet would work.

TV for babies

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baby porn

The study I read before having this dream said that babies up to about 9 months will be more amused and entertained by people’s faces than anything else. Porn does show lots of people indeed.