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How to eat cheaply for a year

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1 TV dream

So there I was, watching mindless TV, when this piqued my interest. I don’t know if it was reality TV or what, but I was interested.


This couple on TV had JUST got married but wanted to interrupt the festivities to teach us how we too could eat cheaply for a year.


Curiouser and curiouser.


Ooh. Ah. So this couple made a year’s worth of sandwiches from a whole lamb, and other bits and bobs. They’d prepare their sandwiches and freeze them. And eat the same sandwich EVERY NIGHT FOR A YEAR.

No wedding cake!

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spin the bottle

So it was the wedding for which this was the engagement. Turns out neither the bride nor the groom like wedding cake, so they came up with this alternative. Instead of, you know, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, strawberry cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake (which I KNOW they like), cheese cake, cupcakes, macaroons, cake pops … we had to play Spin the Bottle with Captain Morgan.

Captain Morgan

Vocabulary lesson

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A strange wedding

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We went to Michaela and Andrew’s wedding – on the side of the road. Michaela looked beautiful and suitably weddingy, but Andrew seemed to have lost the plot, and wore a clown suit.

Feel my wrath!

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We’re going to a wedding this weekend (yay!) and so I dreamt about Kath getting ready. She was at the hairdresser having her hair and make up done, and was looking very glam and bridal.


… she decided to leap into a pool in all her wedding finery – before the wedding!

Making the hairdresser VERY unhappy.

Jolie-Pitt wedding

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In real life, I read that Brad and Angelina are starting to think of, maybe, possibly, perhaps getting married.
In this dream, they were filming a new movie in my mom’s coffee shop.

In real life, we might be planning a trip to Namibia next year.

In this dream, their perhaps wedding was going to be in Namibia.

So I took it upon myself to offer my services…

Wedding fun

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I went to a beautiful wedding this weekend, and before the wedding I had this dream.

Wedding disguise

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The fact that the “priest” had three arms didn’t seem to concern anyone. And I have no idea why Barney Stinson/Neil Patrick Harris decided that Brian and Mary’s wedding would be the one he’d pretend to be a priest in. (I didn’t know if it was NPH as himself or as Barney. Probaby Barney.)

Another wedding

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I didn’t even know the bride, but I was bridesmaid, and I had to be naked. And there was nothing private about the wedding. Gaaah!

Fun in the harbour

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After a wedding, the whole crowd went to the harbour. It was a gross, smelly, littery harbour, but that didn’t stop Mike and some others from jumping in and playing a game of Throw the Kelp. In their wedding suits and all.