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All work and no cake

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I’m busy with the end of a very long and stressful project, and so dreamt about a day at the office, where I was being yelled at and rushed and harassed, and then offered cake, which made it all better.
Yesterday was such a day at the office, but THERE WAS NO CAKE!


Plants versus Zombies… again!

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I am embroiled in some stressful editing at the moment, and I play Plants vs Zombies when I need a break. It seems that my dream self would like to attack this editing with some zombie-eating plants. That kelp thingy (with the red eyes) drags the zombies under the water and kills them proper-dead.

Go to for the other Plants vs Zombies dream.

(Who would have thought I’d get to categorise a dream as work + zombies?)

Where’s my office?

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Eventually I gave up and went home.