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Very strange zombie men

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zombie men 1

Alright, bear with me, this is complicated. I was walking along a road, and I saw two men. From the front, they were dressed smartly and neatly. Like men going to work.

zombie men 2

But from behind, they were dressed as zombies – rotting face masks, ripped clothing, blood and gore everywhere.

zombie men 3

They were on the road, walking backwards and forwards in a big loop. When the one walked forwards, he’d be walking normally, in his normal clothes. But then without turning around, he’d walk in a limping, leg-dragging fashion, backwards, back to the starting point.

zombie men 4

And that’s all they did.


Zombie trouble

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I was being chased by a pack of zombies. Luckily I knew that hydrochloric acid would kill them.
Luckily I also knew that there was hydrochloric acid in the school nearby.

Unfortunately, I had a crush on one of the zombies, Steven. I didn’t want to kill him.

But I did.