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Very strange zombie men

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zombie men 1

Alright, bear with me, this is complicated. I was walking along a road, and I saw two men. From the front, they were dressed smartly and neatly. Like men going to work.

zombie men 2

But from behind, they were dressed as zombies – rotting face masks, ripped clothing, blood and gore everywhere.

zombie men 3

They were on the road, walking backwards and forwards in a big loop. When the one walked forwards, he’d be walking normally, in his normal clothes. But then without turning around, he’d walk in a limping, leg-dragging fashion, backwards, back to the starting point.

zombie men 4

And that’s all they did.

A new house (part 2)

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It turns out the “USB tools” were teeny tiny knives that hadn’t been charged. So we had to charge them a little and then use them, and then charge them and then use them. All very tricky.

But in the end, we killed all the zombies, including the zombie dog!

A new house (Part 1)

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Mike and I had just bought a house and were taking over keys and stuff from the previous owners…

We were very excited until their parting advice…

It got messy after that, but you’ll have to wait until next week, I’m afraid.

Scary tunnels

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For some reason I needed to get my grandpa through this dark, dingy tunnel. There were fish that kept popping out of the water to look at us askance, before going back underwater and swimming away.
We went round a corner and – aarrgghh! – zombies swimming towards us!