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Angry seal

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I was on a boat (again!) and saw a seal.

Then the seal tried to attack the boat …

I’m not sure why I thought it would help, but dressing up as a pirate didn’t.

Neither did being an acrobat.

Or a seal.

Not quite shark attack

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I was on a ship, and I saw a man furiously chasing a toy shark that had taken his prosthetic leg.

What’s cooking?

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I was driving somewhere and got lost and ended up at this five-star hotel on the coast. It was all glass and beautiful, and had a very fancy restaurant overlooking the sea.

I was amazed that I could see into the sea, but was horrified to see a whale shark swimming around without a head. I asked the waiter about it, and he said that they serve whale shark in the restaurant, but just cut bits off as they need them.

Oil rig catastrophe

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This was epic!
We were standing on the shore, and watched as a HUGE wave DASHED a boat against an oil rig. There was carnage, and it was awful to watch.
Then later, we saw the police car and ambulance driving back through the calm sea, after dealing with the carnage, and all was well again.

Magic carpet ride

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We were on a magic carpet-type thingy that went whizzing out to sea. It was terrifying – the thing went really fast and there was no way to slow it down or steer it. It felt like we were about to get flung off all the time. Funnily enough, I ended up on it about three times in one dream.