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How to make a calculator

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I had a dream where I learnt how to make a calculator from a scrap of wood and a Windows program. You too can follow these simple steps to make your own calculator from scratch.

It can either be raw wood from a tree, or a piece of scrap wood, for example, skirting board, shelving etc.

The calculator didn’t actually work after all that – I mean, it worked, but it didn’t get any sums right. But hey. I made it myself.

Hiking in the hills

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A group of us went on a hike. It was a multi-day hike, where we camped every night, so we had a lot to carry and needed to pack light. Except one person on the hike was worried about leaving his computer at home, so brought it with him: monitor, tower, keyboard and all.

It reminds me of .

Woa there big fella!

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I was minding my own business, working away at my computer, when I noticed something lurking behind the screen.

It was one of these:

You can imagine my reaction…

I haven’t been able to look my computer in the eye all day today.