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George’s mountain bike race

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george mtb race

I was at a mountain bike event with George and Anneke. (Some background: Anneke is the only one of us who can legitimately be at mountain bike events. She is a bike racer. George and I are certainly not. At all.) So George wanted to be in the next race, but needed a bike. So he borrowed mine.


george mtb 2

My bike is kitted out for pootering around the park with a baby on the back. The gears are so rusted that they don’t work. But George didn’t seem to mind and off he went…


george mtb 3


… down the steepest hill in the history of the ever. Never to be seen again.

Biker chic

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Bike fixing

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We were on a very long bike ride, when my bike suddenly broke. Luckily, Mike had brought his box of bike parts along.

When we were almost finished, another cyclist came along to offer help, but we were sorted.

I don’t know why Mike was talking like a motivational speaker. He doesn’t normally.