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Hair care

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shampoo 1

So this shampoo advert had some interesting advice about a super quick hair washing solution.

shampoo 2

And then I had a friend with a hair crisis that needed a super quick hair washing solution.

shampoo 3

It didn’t work as well as the advert suggested. It worked as well as you could imagine sticking your head in a flushing toilet would work.

Nathan Fillion at the hairdresser

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hair dresser nathan fillion

I bumped into Nathan Fillion (actor: Firefly, Buffy, other stuff) at the hairdresser, and while he was admiring himself and his new hairstyle, I warned him against complaining about it. I did threaten him with some vile and terrible injury, but unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what that was. I take my hairdresser’s reputation seriously.

Feel my wrath!

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We’re going to a wedding this weekend (yay!) and so I dreamt about Kath getting ready. She was at the hairdresser having her hair and make up done, and was looking very glam and bridal.


… she decided to leap into a pool in all her wedding finery – before the wedding!

Making the hairdresser VERY unhappy.

Too many hair clips

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Next time I’ll be careful not to offer my help to a stranger with fancy hair.