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Waiting at the station

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I was at the station, waiting for a train to take me back to the airport after a conference.




That explains everything.

Ellen at the airport

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Ellen at the airport 1

George and I were at the airport, waiting in the departure lounge with a whole lot of other travellers.

Suddenly, an announcement was made:
Ellen at the airport 2

We were so excited to see Ellen.

Ellen at the airport 3

But it seems like we were the only excited ones. Ellen was dressed in a weird rubber glove hat (a la the penguin in Wallace and Gromit) and a furry green suit. She was excited to be in South Africa and to meet South Africans.

ellen at the airport 4

But was very disappointed and sad to not get the reception she was expecting. (Other than from George and me.) Sorry, Ellen. 😦

Naughty gran

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I was at the airport and saw this exchange. The long suffering grandson looked like this wasn’t the first time this had happened. (This was not my gran.)

Celebrity busking in the airport, whatever next?

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The thing that stuck with me the most with this dream – obviously more than who the actual celebrity was – was that he was wearing three shirts!